Survivor Cook Islands Cast

Survivor Cook Islands Cast

The cast of Survivor: Cook Islands was revealed on August 2, 2006. The show features 20 new castaways, divided into four tribes of five based on race. The cast includes four Asian-Americans, four African-Americans, four Latinos, and eight white Americans.

The show is hosted by Jeff Probst.

The tribes are:

Aitutaki: Asian-Americans

Rarotonga: Polynesians

Puka Puka: White Americans

Manihiki: African-Americans

The castaways are:


Candice Woodcock, 25, an accountant from Fayetteville, North Carolina

Adam Gentry, 27, a real estate developer from San Diego, California

Ozzy Lusth, 25, a surfer from Venice, California

Jessica Smith, 22, a student from Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Jonathan Penner, 44, an actor from Los Angeles, California


Billy Garcia, 36, a cook from Miami, Florida

Cristina Coria, 44, a criminal defense attorney from Los Angeles, California

Parvati Shallow, 24, a students from Los Angeles, California

Adam Unitas, 31, a construction supervisor from Baltimore, Maryland

Brad Culpepper, 41, a lawyer from Tampa, Florida

Puka Puka

Becky Lee, 26, a hair stylist from Sherman Oaks, California

Nikki Gentry, 28, a make-up artist from Los Angeles, California

Stephanie LaGrossa, 32, a pharmaceutical sales representative from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Brett Clouser, 22, a student from Elkhart, Indiana


Yul Kwon, 31, a management consultant from San Francisco, California

Sekou Bunch, 44, a data analyst from Washington, D.C.

Amber Brkich, 22, a student from Beaver, Pennsylvania

John Cochran, 23, a law student from Washington, D.C.

Stephenie LaGrossa, 32, a pharmaceutical sales representative from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who played in Survivor: Cook Islands?

The cast of Survivor: Cook Islands was revealed on August 2, 2006. The show began airing on September 14, 2006 and ended on December 15, 2006. The cast was the thirteenth overall in the Survivor franchise.

The contestants were initially separated into four tribes, based on race. The Aitutaki tribe consisted of white people, the Rarotonga tribe consisted of people of color, the Puka Puka tribe consisted of Asian people, and the Moto Maji tribe consisted of people of African descent.

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When the tribes merged, the white people became the Aitutaki tribe, the people of color became the Rarotonga tribe, the Asian people became the Puka Puka tribe, and the people of African descent became the Moto Maji tribe.

The final three contestants were Yul Kwon (Aitutaki), Ozzy Lusth (Moto Maji), and Becky Lee (Rarotonga). Kwon won the title of Sole Survivor, beating Lusth by a 5-4 jury vote.

Is Survivor: Cook Islands a good season?

The 13th season of Survivor, Survivor: Cook Islands, aired in 2006. The season was filmed in the Cook Islands and featured 20 castaways, divided into four tribes of five.

The season is generally considered to be one of the better seasons of Survivor. It has a rating of 8.1 on IMDb, and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.

Some of the reasons why the season is considered to be good include the interesting twists and turns that occurred, and the strong cast of contestants.

One of the twists in the season was that the tribes were divided along ethnic lines. This led to some interesting dynamics within the tribes, and also contributed to some of the early eliminations.

The cast of contestants was also strong, with several memorable players. One of the most notable players was Yul Kwon, who won the season.

Overall, Survivor: Cook Islands is considered to be a good season of Survivor, with strong casting and interesting twists and turns.

When did Survivor: Cook Islands Air?

When did Survivor: Cook Islands Air?

The show Survivor: Cook Islands aired on September 14, 2006 and ended on December 14, 2006. It was the thirteenth season of the reality show Survivor.

Did Ozzy win Survivor?

Did Ozzy win Survivor?

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Yes, Ozzy did win Survivor. He is the only contestant in the history of the show to have won twice.

Has a black person won Survivor?

Has a black person won Survivor?

Yes, a black person has won Survivor. In fact, there have been two black winners of the show – Season 1 winner Richard Hatch, and Season 7 winner Earl Cole.

While the cast of Survivor is ethnically diverse, the show has been criticized for not having enough black contestants. In fact, in the show’s early years, there were no black contestants at all. This has changed in recent years, with black contestants making up around 10% of the cast.

Despite this lack of diversity, black contestants have done well on the show. In fact, they have won twice as often as white contestants. This may be due to the fact that black contestants often have to work harder to win the jury’s vote.

There have been some black contestants who have come close to winning, but have ultimately fallen short. For example, Season 5 runner-up Kim Johnson and Season 8 runner-up Tom Westman both had a strong chance of winning, but were ultimately defeated by white contestants.

So far, no black contestant has won the show’s “All-Stars” edition. However, this may change in the future, as more black contestants are cast on the show.

Overall, black contestants have done well on Survivor, and it is likely that we will see more black winners in the future.

What happened to Adam from Survivor: Cook Islands?

Adam was a contestant on the 13th season of Survivor, Cook Islands. He was one of the original Aitu Four, along with Ozzy Lusth, Sundra Oakley, and Yul Kwon. On Day 1, the four of them joined the Rarotonga tribe. 

On Day 9, the tribes were merged into the Aitutaki tribe. Yul quickly became the leader of the tribe, and Adam became his right-hand man. He was in control of the game until Day 36, when he was blindsided and eliminated. 

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What happened to Adam after he was eliminated from Survivor: Cook Islands?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of information about what happened to Adam after he was eliminated from Survivor: Cook Islands. We do know that he returned to the United States, and he has since been working as a lawyer. 

Adam has also been involved in some other reality TV shows. He was a contestant on the show Battle of the Exes, which aired in 2012. He also appeared on the show Famously Single, which aired in 2016. 

Adam has kept a low profile since his time on Survivor: Cook Islands, and it’s unclear what he is up to these days. We hope that he is doing well and that he is enjoying his life post-Survivor.

What is the craziest season of Survivor?

What is the craziest season of Survivor?

There are many different opinions on this topic, but many people would say that the craziest season of Survivor is the one that is currently airing. Season 33, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, has been full of surprises and unexpected twists, which has made it one of the most unpredictable seasons of Survivor ever.

Some of the craziest moments from this season include:

1. The unexpected return of David Wright.

2. The blindside of Taylor Stocker.

3. The betrayal of Jay Starrett.

4. The merge of the two tribes.

5. The sudden elimination of Figgy and Taylor.

6. The shocking return of Michelle Schubert.

7. The elimination of Adam Klein.

8. The final two contestants.

There have been many other surprising moments during this season, and it is clear that Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X is one of the craziest seasons of Survivor that has ever been aired.

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