What Logans Restaurants Are Closing


Earlier this year, Logan’s Roadhouse announced that it would be closing 27 of its locations. At the time, the company didn’t disclose which locations would be shutting down, but now the list has been released.

The 27 Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants that are closing are:







-Fort Smith









-Fort Wayne







-Bossier City


-Lake Charles








North Carolina








South Carolina












-Corpus Christi

-El Paso

-Ft. Worth






-San Antonio




The closures will affect more than 1,000 employees. Logan’s Roadhouse says that it is working to place as many employees as possible in other restaurants, but some will unfortunately be laid off.

Logan’s Roadhouse isn’t the only chain to be closing restaurants this year. Earlier this year, Ruby Tuesday also said that it would be closing a number of locations.

Is Logan’s Roadhouse closing all locations?

According to a report from Business Insider, Logan’s Roadhouse is closing all of its locations.

The restaurant chain, which has around 260 locations across 26 states, is reportedly filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In a statement, Logan’s Roadhouse said that it plans to close 18 of its stores “in the near future”.

The company did not say whether or not it plans to close all of its stores.

Logan’s Roadhouse was founded in 1991 and has faced financial difficulties in recent years.

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In 2016, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed 33 stores.

It’s not clear what the future holds for Logan’s Roadhouse, but customers who have gift cards or loyalty cards should use them as soon as possible.

Who bought out Logans Roadhouse?

Logans Roadhouse was a staple of the American dining scene, serving up hearty portions of Southern-inspired cuisine. However, the chain has recently been bought out by a new owner.

The new owner is unknown, and the company has made no statement about who bought them out. Some industry insiders believe that the chain may have been bought by a private equity firm, but nothing has been confirmed.

The future of Logans Roadhouse is uncertain, but the new owner is likely to make changes to the chain’s menu and operations. Customers are advised to visit the chain’s website or social media pages for updates on the situation.

Are Logan’s Roadhouse and Texas roadhouse owned by the same company?

Are Logan’s Roadhouse and Texas roadhouse owned by the same company?

This is a difficult question to answer as there is some conflicting information available. Some sources say that they are owned by the same company, while others say that they are not.

Logan’s Roadhouse was founded in 1991, while Texas Roadhouse was founded in 1993. Both chains are popular for their steaks and ribs.

The two chains do have some similarities. They are both casual dining restaurants, and they both have a focus on meat dishes. However, there are also some key differences. Logan’s Roadhouse is known for its Southern comfort food, while Texas Roadhouse is known for its Tex-Mex-inspired dishes.

It is possible that the two chains are owned by the same company, but there is no definitive proof of this. Until there is more information available, it is best to assume that they are not.

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What’s the difference between Texas Roadhouse and Logan’s Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse and Logan’s Roadhouse are both popular casual dining chains, but they have some key differences. Texas Roadhouse is known for its steaks, while Logan’s is known for its ribs. Texas Roadhouse also has a more country feel, with live music and cowboy decor, while Logan’s is more modern and sleek. Finally, Texas Roadhouse is a bit more expensive than Logan’s.

What’s better Texas Roadhouse or Longhorn Steakhouse?

People often debate about which steakhouse is better, Texas Roadhouse or Longhorn. Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately it depends on what you are looking for in a steakhouse.

Texas Roadhouse is known for their casual atmosphere and affordable prices. They have a wide variety of food, including steaks, ribs, chicken, and fish. Their portions are generous, and they often have specials which make it a great value.

Longhorn Steakhouse is a little more upscale, and their prices reflect that. They specialize in steaks, and their menu is more limited than Texas Roadhouse. However, the quality of their food is generally considered to be better. Longhorn also offers a wider variety of wine and beer.

If you are looking for a casual, affordable steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse is the better option. If you are looking for a higher quality, more upscale steakhouse, Longhorn is the better choice.

Who bought craftworks?

Who bought Craftworks?

Craftworks, a popular chain of craft stores, was recently bought by a group of investors. The store, which has been in business for over 25 years, is known for its wide variety of craft supplies and for its knowledgeable staff.

The new owners say that they plan to keep the store’s current format and to continue to offer the same high-quality products and services. They also promise to keep the prices the same and to maintain the store’s commitment to customer service.

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Craftworks has a large following of loyal customers, and many of them are wondering what the new ownership will mean for the store. Some are concerned that the new owners will make changes that will compromise the quality of the products and the level of customer service that Craftworks is known for.

Others are optimistic that the new owners will be able to take the store to the next level and that they will be able to expand its reach to even more customers. Only time will tell what the future holds for Craftworks. In the meantime, the store’s loyal customers will no doubt continue to shop there and to enjoy the high-quality products and services that it has to offer.

Who owns Old Chicago pizza?

Who owns Old Chicago pizza? That’s a question that has stumped many people over the years. The answer is a bit complicated, but we’ll try to break it down for you.

Old Chicago was founded in 1975 by two brothers, Mike and Jon Ebeling. The two of them were working for a pizza chain at the time and decided to open their own place. They named it Old Chicago after Mike’s hometown in Nebraska.

The company grew rapidly and soon became a national chain. In the early 2000s, however, it began to experience financial difficulties. In 2006, it was sold to a group of investors led by Robert LLC.

Old Chicago is now a subsidiary of Robert LLC, which also owns the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell chains. However, the Ebeling brothers still own a stake in the company and remain involved in its operations.

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